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Modeling CD40-Based Molecular Communications in Blood Vessels

This paper presents a mathematical characterization of the main features of the molecular communication between platelets and endothelial cells via CD40 signaling during the initial phases of atherosclerosis, known also as atherogenesis. We demonstrate through laboratory experimentation that the release of soluble CD40L molecules from platelets in a fluid medium is enough to trigger expression … Read more

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Security and Privacy in Molecular Communication and Networking: Opportunities and Challenges

Molecular Communication (MC) is an emerging and promising communication paradigm for several multi-disciplinary domains like bio-medical, industry and military. Differently to the traditional communication paradigm, the information is encoded on the molecules, that are then used as carriers of information. Novel approaches related to this new communication paradigm have been proposed, mainly focusing on architectural … Read more

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Molecular Communication Among Biological Nanomachines: A Layered Architecture and Research Issues

Molecular communication is an emerging communication paradigm for biological nanomachines. It allows biological nanomachines to communicate through exchanging molecules in an aqueous environment and to perform collaborative tasks through integrating functionalities of individual biological nanomachines. This paper develops the layered architecture of molecular communication and describes research issues that molecular communication faces at each layer … Read more

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The IEEE Transactions on Nanobioscience publishes basic and applied research papers dealing with the study of bio-molecules, cells, tissues, and their assemblies into higher level constructs in the nanometer range with respect to engineering, physics, chemistry, modeling, and computer science. The content of acceptable papers ranges from experimental results, technological development, formalized mathematical theory and mathematical techniques to engineering and medical, clinical, and environmental applications and reviews. This journal has been published quarterly since 2002 and is indexed in all major databases including the Thomson Reuters Web of Knowledge and Pubmed.

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