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Hybrid Method Inference for the Construction of Cooperative Regulatory Network in Human

We propose here an extension of LICORN with a numerical selection step, expressed as a linear regression problem, that effectively complements the discrete search of LICORN. We evaluate a bootstrapped version of H-LICORN on the in silico DREAM5 dataset and show that H-LICORN has significantly higher performance than LICORN, and is competitive or outperforms state … Read more

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Dimension Reduction for p53 Protein Recognition by Using Incremental Partial Least Squares

In this paper, we design a highly efficient and powerful algorithm named Incremental Partial Least Squares (IPLS), which conducts a two-stage extraction process. In the first stage, the PLS target function is adapted to be incremental with updating historical mean to extract the leading projection direction. In the last stage, the other projection directions are … Read more

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NovoHCD: De novo Peptide Sequencing From HCD Spectra

Here, we present a new method named NovoHCD which applies a spectrum graph model with multiple types of edges (called a multi-edge graph), and integrates into it amino acid combination (AAC) information and peptide tags. In addition, information on immonium ions observed particularly in higher-energy collisional dissociation (HCD) spectra is incorporated.

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The IEEE Transactions on Nanobioscience publishes basic and applied research papers dealing with the study of bio-molecules, cells, tissues, and their assemblies into higher level constructs in the nanometer range with respect to engineering, physics, chemistry, modeling, and computer science. The content of acceptable papers ranges from experimental results, technological development, formalized mathematical theory and mathematical techniques to engineering and medical, clinical, and environmental applications and reviews. This journal has been published quarterly since 2002 and is indexed in all major databases including the Thomson Reuters Web of Knowledge and Pubmed.

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