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Error Performance of Diffusion-Based Molecular Communication Using Pulse-Based Modulation

Diffusion-based molecular communication (DMC) is a promising technique for nanonetworks. The main objective of this paper is to evaluate the error performance of DMC employing pulse-based modulation scheme. We derive closed-form expressions for error probability using energy detection and amplitude detection techniques. The error performance model accounts for diffusion noise and intersymbol interference (ISI) effects. … Read more

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Mallik, S 2

RANWAR: Rank-Based Weighted Association Rule Mining From Gene Expression and Methylation Data

Ranking of association rules is currently an interesting topic in data mining and bioinformatics. The huge number of evolved rules of items (or, genes) by association rule mining (ARM) algorithms makes confusion to the decision maker. In this article, we propose a weighted rule-mining technique (say, RANWAR or rank-based weighted association rule-mining) to rank the … Read more

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Sasmal, M

Synthesis of ZnO Nanosphere for Picomolar Level Detection of Bovine Serum Albumin

In this paper, we demonstrate an electrical detection technique based on solution processed zinc oxide nanosphere for ultra-low level detection of bovine serum albumin (BSA). Our sensor device works on the basis of the variation of conductance of the ZnO nanosphere with different concentration of BSA. The morphological and structural characterizations of ZnO nanosphere were … Read more

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Editor in Chief

Editorial: 1000 Issues and 1,000 Pages of Interdisciplinary Research Advances in 2015!

The IEEE transactions on nanobioscience thank its reviewers, editorial board members, and most importantly its authors and readers for their support in 2014 and look forward to serving them even better in 2015!  The Transactions experienced a 50% growth in submissions relative to 2013 to almost 150 manuscripts. The average time to first decision for manuscripts … Read more

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The IEEE Transactions on Nanobioscience publishes basic and applied research papers dealing with the study of bio-molecules, cells, tissues, and their assemblies into higher level constructs in the nanometer range with respect to engineering, physics, chemistry, modeling, and computer science. The content of acceptable papers ranges from experimental results, technological development, formalized mathematical theory and mathematical techniques to engineering and medical, clinical, and environmental applications and reviews. This journal has been published quarterly since 2002 and is indexed in all major databases including the Thomson Reuters Web of Knowledge and Pubmed.

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