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TNB publishes basic and applied research papers dealing with the study of bio-molecules, cells, tissues, and their assemblies into higher level constructs in the nanometer range with respect to engineering, physics, chemistry, modeling, and computer science. The content of acceptable papers ranges from experimental results, technological development, formalized mathematical theory and mathematical techniques to engineering and medical/clinical/environmental applications and reviews.

Readers are encouraged to submit manuscripts as regular papers or communications. To qualify for publication, these must be previously unpublished and not be under consideration elsewhere. Manuscripts can only be submitted electronically through IEEE Manuscript Central.

Manuscript/Communication Style

For purposes of qualifying for peer review and consideration for publication, authors must submit a properly executed copyright form in favour of IEEE, sign an Author consent form, agree to a mandatory page charge for over length manuscripts or color figures, and prepare a manuscript according to the following guidelines:

  1. Manuscripts may not exceed 30 double-spaced pages (one full blank lines of type) using a font size of 11 points or larger, having a margin of at least 1″ on all sides (7 pages for communications). The manuscripts, including the figures, should be converted to postscript or PDF for upload to Manuscript Central.
  2. The abstract must be no more than 200 words for regular papers (50 words for communications).
  3. Figures should appear at the back of the text, one figure per page. A separate list of figure captions should be included, keyed to figure numbers marked on each illustration.
  4. References should appear in a separate reference section at the end of the paper with items referred to by numerals in square brackets. References must be complete in the IEEE style as follows: Style for papers: Author(s), first initials followed by last name, title, periodical, volume, inclusive page numbers, month, year. Style for books: Author(s), title, location, publisher, year, chapter, page numbers. You can find an electronic style file for references at the IEEE Author Center.
  5. If accepted, authors of regular papers are also requested to send biographies (no more than 100 words) and recent photographs.
  6. Once the paper is accepted, one additional copy of the manuscript must be submitted to the Editor-in-Chief in single-spaced, double-column format using 10-point type, with figures embedded. The front page of the paper version must bear the signature of the corresponding author. The style file can be found at the IEEE Author Center. This copy will serve as confirmation of the publication length of the manuscript submission. The signature signifies the author’s confirmation that over length page charges will be paid when billed. Do not send original artwork until you are notified to do so, if and when your paper is accepted for publication.
  7. All manuscripts accepted for publication REQUIRE the authors to make the final submission employing the style files. Please see the detailed guidelines at the EMBS website.


By policy, IEEE owns the copyright to the technical contributions it publishes on behalf of the interests of the IEEE, its authors, and their employers; and to facilitate the appropriate reuse of this material by others. To comply with United States copyright law, authors are required to sign and submit a completed IEEE Copyright Form with their original submissions and again with the finalized manuscript prior to publication. This form, a copy of which appears in issues of the TRANSACTIONS, returns to authors and their employers full rights to reuse their material for their own purpose.

Page Charges

Upon acceptance of a manuscript for publication, the author(s) or his/her/their company or institution will be asked to pay a voluntary charge of $110 per page to cover part of the cost of publication of the seven pages which comprise the standard manuscript length(two pages for communications). Upon payment of these voluntary charges, the author will be entitled to 100 free, black-and-white reprints (without covers).

Mandatory Page Charges

The author(s) or his/her/their company or institution will be billed $220 per each page in excess of the first eight published pages (two for communications). Payment of these charges is not negotiable or voluntary. Further, submission by the author of his/her manuscript to these TRANSACTIONS signifies acceptance of the requirement to pay mandatory pages charges. The Publisher holds the right to withhold publication of the current submission or any future submissions from the author(s) if this charge is not honored. To avoid incurring mandatory page charges, the author(s) are strongly advised to practice economy in the original manuscript submission and restraint in preparation of the final manuscript following peer review.

Color Charges

Color reproduction is expensive. All images and graphs will be produced in black and white unless the author accepts responsibility for payment of color costs for separations and printing before any processing of color graphics is performed. The printing preparation charges may be ESTIMATED as follows: color reproductions on four or fewer pages of the manuscript: a total of approximately $1700; color reproductions on five pages through eight pages: a total of approximately $2700; color reproductions on nine through twelve pages: a total of approximately $4200, and so on. Payment of fees on color reproduction is not negotiable or voluntary, and the author’s agreement to publish the manuscript in the TRANSACTIONS is considered acceptance of this requirement. Please note that this cost does not include the ordering of Reprints.

Final Submission

Authors are requested to submit finalized manuscripts using the style files established by IEEE. Please consult the full guidelines on the EMBS website. When submitting your finalized manuscript, it must be accompanied by three complete, paper copies of your manuscript that exactly match your electronic files. For more information contact the Editor-in-Chief at hhess@columbia.edu.


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