Special Section on Advances in NanoBioEngineering ICNBE 2018

October 25, 2019

In 2018, the IEEE EMBS R9 Monterrey Chapter co-sponsored the first edition of the International Congress on NanoBioEngineering (ICNBE´18), organized by the Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo Leon through the School of Chemical Sciences, as the inaugural event of their new Research Center on Biotechnology and Nanotechnology (CIByN). This event, was held at the Center on Biotechnology and Nanotechnology (CIByN), in Monterrey, Mexico, from the 7-9th of November 2018. The ICNBE´18 served as an initial platform to foster interactions between scientists, engineers, and medical researchers and discuss the advances and future applications of NanoBioEngineering Research.


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