Special Section on IEEE EMBS Conference on Micro and Nanotechnology in Medicine

May 8, 2019

The 4th IEEE EMBS Conference on Micro and Nanotechnology in Medicine was held in Kauai, Hawaii, on December 10–14, 2018. This meeting gathered together 200 scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs, and medical researchers to leverage our collective expertise towards developing improved biomedical solutions. This biennial conference combines single-track oral sessions, an emphasis on sharing new approaches and data, extended free time in an intimate venue, and a group of extremely talented and enthusiastic individuals, creating a tremendously dynamic and creative experience.In the second issue of 2019, we present 12 conference papers from MNMC 2018. This represents a small but significant slice of the research presented at this meeting, and the Special Section Editors Elliott Hui, Dino Di Carlo and Sumitha Pennathur and I hope that you will appreciate this abbreviated taste.



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